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  1. Sailboat Recommendation for Novice/Intermediate 2 Adults Lake Sailing

    Learning to Sail
    Hey there.. I’m new here and this is my first post. I hope to get some advice on purchasing a sailboat. And hope this is the "correct forum". If not, please let me know what forum to post to and I will "repost". Here is the info: • We live on a condo on a smallish lake in the Berkshires of...
  2. Marek

    Introduce Yourself
    Just joined. Learning as much as I cna. Possibly buying a boat sometime in the fall of 2019
  3. Yes another newbie here!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everyone, This is a great Forum and I just joined. I am also trying to get started with sailing. Have a sailboat and am looking to go sailing with someone who can get me started with basics. I am in the Maryland DC Annapolis area. Please let me know. Thanks :smile
  4. hello from sailor wannabe

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi! I'm not a sailor, maybe an adventurer.. I'm 29 and looking for some initial information on how to work as a crew member for a sailing trip. I'm living in Florianópolis - Brazil. I don't have any sailing experience, but I feel very comfortable at the ocean when surfing. I have climbing...
  5. Want to Purchase by Fall 2018

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I hope to buy my first sailboat by Fall 2018 at the latest, and wanted to join this forum to get advice, and prepare, while I am getting my house ready for sale, as I need to do that in order to purchase a live aboard boat. I hope to buy some sort of cruiser-racer in the 32-36 ft range...
  6. Yanmar SB8 issue/questions

    Hey all. I have an old inboard Yanmar SB8 in my Sun 28 that I am having issues with. First off, I am not very familiar with diesel engines and rely a lot on friends, and here, for help. So, the engine has seized. Pulled the head off and looked at the piston. Springs on the head were a bit rusty...
  7. I'm close to making the plunge! Redmond, WA to Puerto Rico!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm trying to find the right forums to introduce myself and start networking with other sailors. I'm currently living in Redmond, WA (Microsoft guy) and am considering an offer to transfer to Puerto Rico. In doing so, I'm looking at a 55' Bavaria Cruiser sailboat as a liveaboard staying at...
  8. Starting the adventure

    Living Aboard
    We're on our first steps to becoming a live aboard family of 6. Our plan is to move onto a boat in two years. Currently, we are saving money and learning about what its going to take to set sail. I'm leaning towards a Catamaran because of space. Some questions that I have are: What are some...
  9. Getting back to sailing. Stepping up to a keel boat.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, not new to sailing but will be new to "big" boat ownership if my plan comes to fruition. I grew up in England sailing Mirror dinghies and Lightnings with my cousins while on our summer vacations, and that planted the lifelong love of sailing deep within me! Then spent a couple of seasons...
  10. Hello

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all! My name is William and I am the owner of a 1979 Islander B30. This is our fist sailboat and future home for retirement in 3- 5 years. I have read a lot on the fourms and want to say thank you to everyone that posts as it is educational for someone new like myself. :cut_out_animated_em
  11. Georgian Bay - Newbie :)

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi All :) Newbie to the site here...but I have been reading the forums for months. We started sailing earlier this year and are loving it. We have a 30' 1980 Catalina. For our end of summer sail we are going to the Georgian Bay, with a focus in the Tobermory area as this is our first trip over...
  12. Just Go / Do it now

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Good day folks. I wanted to throw something out there which has undoubtedly been discussed prior but something on which I wanted to gain the perspective of those wiser than me. My partner and I are working towards our sailing goals of a circumnavigation. I have always been around the ocean...
  13. Never been sailing, want to sail the world.

    Introduce Yourself
    I've searched my whole life, 30 years so far, for new adventures. Ive traveled playing music for 11 years of my life and I am ready to give that a rest. Ive lived in a van for months at a time one the road so tight spaces are nothing new. I know there is more to learn than any question could...
  14. Salty california kid needs advice

    Learning to Sail
    I've come to you guys in need of help, I'm from southern California and have been on the water my whole life, be it surfing, diving, or spending weeks on Catalina fishing and hiking and I've spent a lot of time on/around boats as well. I have always had a huge passion for the ocean and sailing...
  15. Rekindling the dream

    Introduce Yourself
    My wife and I returned from Australia in 1974 with a brand-new baby daughter and a dream to work long enough to buy a suitable liveaboard cruiser and sail around the world. It didn't happen; raising a wonderful little girl and making a living in the rat race intervened. We are now retired...
  16. Which type of boat is best?

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello, for starters I'll let you all know I'm beyond a novices. Iv been reading every sailing book in can find and have been reading this forum for awhile and hope you wonderful people could point me in the right direction. I've ah the dream to live aboard since I was 5, but have past it off as...
  17. Newbiw Member -> Present sailor -> Future liveaboard -> Compac 27/2?

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello SailNet Community, I am a recent college graduate who is employed and living on the Florida west coast. I have been chipping away at the dream to live and cruise on a small sailboat for many years. I have sailed on boats ranging from 12' - 45' and bought sailed and sold a Columbia 7.6...
  18. Maiden Voyage Newbie Trainwreck

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Good Evening Sailnetters, I'm sure this sorta post is common, but I feel compelled to document the experience for any others total newcomers. :D I had never sailed or been aboard anything bigger than a 16' powerboat aside from riding along on the delivery of my 74 C&C 30. I had read...
  19. Newbie rigging reefing line

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good Morning Sailnetters, I'm off to the marina after work today. The projects are 1) rig a reefing line 2) new gasket bead for thermostat, 3) check oil, 4) new hull #'s, 5) find electrical fault with knotmeter & depthsounder. I know I'll never accomplish all of that. Basic question is on a...
  20. Newbie in Del.

    Introduce Yourself
    Good afternoon Sailnetters, I'm the proud owner of a 1973 C&C 30 Mk1. Just took delivery this past weekend and rode along from Baltimore to the Delaware City Marina. She won't win any beauty contests, but the rigging is solid and the 40 yo atomic motored 8 hours without a hitch (aside from a...