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  1. Learning to Sail
    I am searching for the best way to learn to sail anything up to 40ft. I am in Southern California and have been looking at different sailing school and am not so sure that they are in my budget at this time. If one of my SailNet peers knows of a cheaper possible better way to learn without...
  2. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello fellow SailNet members, My name is Jared and I am new to SailNet and sailing for the most part. I have always admired sailing and have always wanted to get into it and own a boat some day. I have sailed on lakes in 14' Lasers, though that was years ago, but want to learn more about...
  3. Chartering
    Hello, SEEKING BAREBOAT CHARTER Can anyone direct me to a source of 50ft catamarans in or around Los Angels CA or Newport Beach for bareboat chartering? I have my ASA certs up to big boat catamarans and have sailed 46 monohulls for multiple day trips many times. I have been sailing a newer...
1-3 of 3 Results