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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello, I am looking for cool ways to light the exterior/decking of my 36' Sailboat. It's a 1973 so there are just the nav lights as is. I am basically looking for mood lighting to use while night sailing/cruising, or turn on when I'm at dock. Please respond if you have any ideas of lights to use...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I've been sailing/racing for 25 years in the SF bay and Delta. Feel I'm ready to do some coastal cruising. I've even done a couple of coastal races as foredeck crew: Spinnaker Cup, Lightship, Drakes Bay also the notorious South Tower Race 4 years in a row from the Stockton Sailing Club to South...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Last night was really special here in Seattle. First the Huskies beat Stanford in college football and second, it was much warmer than usual for this time of year, with a brilliant sunset and a bright shiny moon to top it off. I took the boat out for a short solo sail that turned out to be...
1-3 of 3 Results