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  1. NMEA 2000 to Bluetooth convertor

    Hello SailNet community! Is anyone aware of an NMEA2000 to Bluetooth converter? I've seen TakeFive's excellent thread about something similar for NMEA0183, but not NMEA2000. Such a device would let you receive sensor data, including GPS, on your iPad or Android device, for example. There are...
  2. NMEA 2000 Wheel Drive Autopilot with Wind Feedback

    Hi all, From the title of the post you can probably gather that I'm shooting the moon here, but I'm trying to figure out the best autopilot setup for a NMEA 2000 system that is starting from scratch. The autopilot upgrade is happening at the same time as an upgrade to all of our instruments...
  3. NMEA 2K Network Problems (Garmin GMI 10/Airmar DST800/GPS 19X (NMEA0183))

    Hi everyone, In the past couple of days I have been trying to install a simple NMEA 2K network consisting of a Garmin GMI 10 MFD, an Airmar 800DST Triducer, a Garmin GWS 10 Wind sensor and a Garmin GPS 19X HVS (NMEA0183 version). So far I have only dealt with the triducer, gps and the display...