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  1. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everybody!, Been here a little while now (lurking) taking it all in and amazed at the extensive level of knowledge I've found thus far. There are some great contributors here and some suggestions to others that I have been fortunate to make use of. I've got a few miles "under the boom" on...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I'm going to making the 60 mile blue water sail from Beaufort, NC to masonboro inlet soon. Looking at the charts I notice a danger zone just south of camp Lejeune in the Atlantic. If I stay around 5 miles off shore that puts me going directly through it. My other option is to travel out 20 miles...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hi. Need to find a place to keep my first boat (40ft with 5 ft draft). We live in Raleigh so need to consider the "commute" as well as sailing area, marina, amenities, service, etc. Will have two young kids (9 & 11yo) with us some of the time so would like a marina with a pool but not...
  4. Crew, Captains, Help Wanted, Jobs, and Available
    Hello all, I'm somewhat new to sailing, been a few times and gotten ASA 101 cert. I'd like to get some experience crewing with someone, helping around while reinforcing the stuff I already know. Would love to help clean, repair, or do other types of maintenance, too, if you're someone who...
  5. Crew, Captains, Help Wanted, Jobs, and Available
    Crew wanted by new owner of Dufour 36 for casual day sailing out of Southport, . Experience is preferred, but passion required. Will consider longer cruises, and/or racing in 2015 with right crew.
1-6 of 6 Results