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  1. Beneteau
    I'm looking to add a B&G autopilot to my Oceanis 34. Does anyone have pictures of their autopilot setup on an Oceanis 34 or similar model? My biggest concern is what will physically work on my boat. Hence the request for pictures. I'm also looking for any advice on which drive unit to go...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Guys, Just bought an Oceanis 2008. Boat is in another country at the moment. It has a track on the mast for a Spinnaker pole but no pole. From what I remember when I viewed it it had Halyard exits for spinnaker halyard. My question is, if it didn't come with a spinnaker form the factory...
  3. Cruising Videos
    Hope you enjoy it, its more or less my first real video (more than 1 minute long or so)
  4. Boat Reviews
    Varianta 37 is a new boattype for sale using the Hanse hull of he proven Hanse 37. We are considering buying it, have seen it inside etc and like the simplicity and stripped version thinking and it is supposedly a really good sailor with focus on performance keeping the inside to a minimum...
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    I am going to put a holding tank to Beneteau Oceanis 351, 1993 ( with two aft cabins) in few weeks. Question goes to other oceanis owners: Where have you put it? Few pics of tanks in place would be also nice :o
  6. Boat Review Forum
    Together with two of my friends we are planing to buy a boat about 43-51 feet long, with the main purpose to sail in Mediterranean but also capable for make ocean passage occasionally (ARC). We are not going to live on a boat just speed there few weeks a year mainly in Med. Since only I'm a...
1-6 of 7 Results