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  1. Galley, Heads, Plumbing, Propane, Water etc 💦
    Hi everyone! I've had my 1978 25 foot ODay for two years now. Ive been learning as I go! I've been noticing that the surface of my bilge is crumbling and cracking. I can't figure out what this material is. I also can't tell if this material or original or was added by the previous owner. I'm...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Just copying an old idea but I thought I would post it to help somebody. I made a 5 ft long bar and ball because I was having to get to deep in the water to launch my oday 25.
  3. Boat Reviews
    I want to buy a boat to drag from Abilene, Tx to the gulf coast to single hand for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, once or twice a year. The cape Dory is beautiful and that makes me want one. If sailing performance is the same I will buy a Cape Dory. The Oday would be the keel/centerboard model and...
1-3 of 3 Results