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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    I've recently purchased a 1982 Catalina 30'. My first keel boat. Boat had been let go. Had to redo the electrical in November. Spent money and had the hull scraped, filled, epoxied, and painted. The deck teak is in shabby shape. Can I get advice on best ways to treat the wood. Should I sand...
  2. Diesel
    Hi guys I would like ask here for some advice regarding problems with starting my Yanmar 3GM30 engine. I am quite new to sailboat engines (previously sailed only charter boats, so except refueling, oil level checking and belt exchange I have no experience) so, please be patient to my problem...
  3. Diesel
    My boat has a Yanmar 8HP 1GM10, pretty great condition and up until now i would swear this engine is bulletproof. Recently i noticed that after starting, the engine spit out a black discharge from the exhaust for about the first 5 - 10 seconds of running. After that, it goes away and doesn't...
  4. Diesel
    I was told there is an expected amount of oil to be burnt at a specific rate depending the engine. Does anyone know where to find this type of info I'm wondering how much oil my Westerbeke 30 should be burning up? Thanks
  5. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, i made a terrible mistake and drooped some engine oil on the white noskid gelcoat of my deck. It happened at night and i realized this only in the morning when the oil had been washed out and absorbed by the gelcoat. Now i have some back round spots, i am wondering what is the best way to...
  6. Diesel
    Hello, I read another thread about a problem with water in the oil on an MD 7A and wondered if one need do anything special to clean out the lubrication system after finding the source of the water. Should you remove the bottom pan to clean the oil sump or just replaced filter and changed oil? I...
  7. Gear & Maintenance
    I have been away at college and while I was gone we had a lot of heavy rain. This resulted in the bilge on my 40' Morgan overflowing about an inch above the cabin floor level. I pumped most of the water out, but the problem is the bilge also had oily sludge in it that I was planning on cleaning...
  8. Atomic 4
    Hi, I have a 1976 Atomic 4. I want to change the oil. Sounds like I need to pump it out through the dip stick hole. Can anyone tell me how wide that is? That is, what diameter tube can I stick down there? Thanks, Scott
1-8 of 8 Results