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  1. General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone sailing a 70's-80's Flying Junior would offer up some help with the centerboard outhaul rigging. I haven't been able to figure out if i'm missing some blocks or not and would be greatly appreciative if anyone sailing one would provide some photo's or rigging...
  2. General Discussion (sailing related)
    1. I have a loose footed mainsail on my 28' sailboat. Foot is 9' 6". I've added a track, car and suitable rigging to the boom to allow 16" of outhaul adjustment. What I am not sure of is whether I've added enough adjustment, way too much or just the right amount. The 16" figure SEEMED about...
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    The nylon wheel in the first picture has worn out. Anyone know where I could find a replacement? I wouldn't be opposed to replacing the outhaul altogether.
  4. Learning to Sail
    My wife and I are brand new to sailing (i.e. we don't know squat yet). We just purchased a 1976 Catalina 22 sailboat with a friend/partner. I have a question about the outhaul. What is supposed to connect the grommet of the clew of the mainsail to the outhaul? There seems to be a part missing to...