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  1. Pearson
    When I bought my P30 a few years ago it came with a canvas dodger. I don't like them, so I took it and all the hardware off. Now I'd like to get it out of my garage. I don't think anyone used it; the canvas is a bright blue, and the clear vinyl is in excellent shape. I want to sell it -- $500...
  2. P30
    Hey everyone, Just bought a 1972 P30, Super excited, it's our first boat! The boat is completely taken apart as it has been overhauled for the past few years, and the PO ran out of time/money to put into it. But it's in great nick I know we'll be having a crazy amount of questions for all you...
  3. P30
    I have a 1974 Pearson P30. I noticed that there is a hull indent right where the upper stay meets the hull below the rub rail. Obviously I immediately loosend the uppers. On closer inspection, there are minor indents at the lowers too...and both sides...although you really have to search for it...
  4. P30
    Now that both my sons have moved away, I'm no longer cruising as I once was; so I've decided to put my P30 on the market. Go to Facebook page Anna Pearson30 for details --
  5. P30
    While sailing yesterday my topping lift broke. It looks like it broke at the top of the mast. I have no documentation in hand regarding how it is attached at the top of the mast. The boom end has a block attached to the topping lift wire. My questions are: 1. Is the topping lift...
1-5 of 5 Results