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pacific crossing

  1. Almost around the world

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Write a book, your philosophies or poems. Produce a video or a picture collection. Be a painter, look at moons and stars in the night, sunrise and sunsets, dive, fish, visit many harbors and cities or be creative as you like - at the same time as we sail from Europe, Split westwards over the...
  2. Crewing the Pacific.

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hail Sail Net. I'm a new member, interested in crewing around the Pacific islands, hopefully making my way to Australia... If anyone is looking for crew, can suggest the best places to look for crewing positions or has any other tips on how to prepare, what training to have, etc. I would...
  3. Pitfalls of buying a boat unseen?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Here is a true-to-life case to consider, if you don't want the details the question is in the topic: If you have to buy a boat unseen because you don't have the opportunity to travel to a different continent to check it out - what are the major pitfalls, and how can you best avoid them...
  4. Advice for CA to HI transit newbie?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I'm a relatively green sailor -- I've only sailed ~500 NM so far, but have worked on the water as a fisherman -- but I'll be crewing (along with 3 others) from Cali to Hawaii in a week or so. This will be my first bluewater passage and I would greatly appreciate any advice vis-a-vis...