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  1. Electrical Systems & Solar
    <long time listener, first time caller here> I made the mistake of plugging an electric heater that draws 950 watts (pic attached) and now my outlets aren't functioning under 110V power. I'm very green with electrical and hoping someone can provide some guidance. I've reset the GFCI on both...
  2. Pacific Seacraft
    Recently I purchased a 2000 PS34. It is in superb condition but the previous owner never rigged the running backstays. Can you advise me on what connectors to use? Each assembly comprises a length of vinyl-coated wire with a swaged eye at each end; and a two-part reduction apparatus with a small...
  3. Pacific Seacraft
    Folks--I am considering the purchase of a Pacific Seacraft 34 or 37. I will sail it shorthanded--two up or often solo--initially in inland and protected near-coastal waters, and eventually for more-ambitious trips to destinations like the Bahamas and Leeward Islands. Do you have any...
1-3 of 3 Results