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  1. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Does anyone have experience with these panels. They are moderately priced, I can get a 200watt unit with controller for about $250. The semi flexible nature would make conforming to the Bimini top ideal. I believe it has an aluminum frame. Ps. I'm not allowed to post links yet...... Regards
  2. Electronics
    Just bought my first real boat. Ericson 29. Couldn't afford to be in a regular dock so I settled or a star dock. Which means I don have electric. I've been told that there are permanent solar panels that can be installed on the deck to tricle charge my battery. After some brief research I...
  3. Diesel
    Hello All. I have recently purchased A Hans Christian 33T with a Yanmar 3QM30FG 30 HP. I have not had the boat in the water long and am still working out the bugs. I was cruising last night low RPM and my belt broke. I maneuvered the boat into a safe direction for maybe 3 minutes and shut her...
1-3 of 3 Results