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  1. Post Hurricane Irma - Opportunity to Buy Salvage Boat (for parts)

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Here's an idea that's crazy enough that it just might work. However, not without that insights of this invaluable community of sailors. After seeing photos of piles of yachts in the Caribbean islands, it quickly occurred to me that in just a few weeks, all of these boats would be totaled and...
  2. How to buy / fix :: C&C Mega 30 :: Cabin top cover

    C & C
    Hello there all, I bought a C&C Mega 30 a few years back, and it was missing the top cover into the cabin. I have been using a very not amazing plywood cover that tied down with line. Not the best solution. I was hoping to either buy a new one, or figure out how to make a mould and create...
  3. Fortress FX-11 and Guardian G-16 parts compatible?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Would anyone happen to own or have actual visual access to both an FX-11 and a Guardian G-16 model anchors, both 7 pounders made by Fortress, who can tell me if the "crown" (the bottom piece where both the flukes and crossbar slide into) might be be interchangeable or could perhaps be made...
  4. Parts for a Westerbeke 30 Rebuild

    My 76 cal 34 has the original westerbeke 30 Diesel engine. I've pulled the engine and now I'm looking for a rebuild kit. What I've been told is it's a Perkins 4-91 engine with the westerbeke name. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to avoid buying the parts from westerbeke?
  5. Autohelm parts needed (power cable, pedestal mount and wheel mount)

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a (new to me) Autohelm 4000+ and I am missing the hardware to mount it to the wheel and also the pin (not sure of correct name) that mounts to the pedestal that locks the motor housing in place. I also need the power cable that connects to the motor. If anyone has one of these or can...
  6. Flying Junior Project

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used FJ with no paperwork on the boat itself unfortunately. The boat is in sound condition with some spider cracks on the finish of the hull and one patchwork job done on one of the gunwales. My problem right now is that there are parts missing for the rigging...
  7. Any ideas what these are?

    Gear & Maintenance
    nevermind Unable to upload photos
  8. Volvo Engine Repair Facilities

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    We're looking at buying a 2008 Cat with twin 30hp Volvos. An acquaintance told us to stick with Yanmar. He said Volvo parts availability is terrible, and slow. Don't really know if he has had more than one bad experience. Anyone with experience with the Volvo network in the US, Caribbean and...
  9. Southest Yanmar Dealer

    Southeast Yanmar Dealer Looking for a recommendation on a good Yanmar Dealer for parts that has Florida in its Region. Prefer one that has many parts available via online store. Thanks in advance Spencer
  10. Replacement Hardware

    Gear & Maintenance
    I am trying to replace two cleats that are connected to the mast and that I am currently using to tie off the main and jib halyards. My boat is a 1963 O'Day Rhodes 19 (couldn't be happier with the boat). The cleats are very small (about 2.5"s) and I can't find anything online smaller than 4"...
  11. BorgWarner series 500 Gearbox

    Hi Folks, I have a BorgWarner series 500 velvet drive gearbox on my boat which I am trying to source seals and gaskets for. The model number is : 23-01-002 serial no 413 gearbox ratio is 2.05:1 I am in Portugal but cant find a distributor in the UK or USA online that shows...
  12. Navik Wind Vane for parts

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have most of a Navik wind vane and I know many Navik owners need spare parts. I have the top half, missing the rudder piece. Let me know if interested.
  13. Parting out Gulfstar 45 (Hirsch) - Arch, Panda, Winches, etc.

    Gear & Maintenance
    Greetings all. I am parting out a Gulfstar 45 and have a number of items available including a stainless steel arch with integrated davits and swiveling outboard hoist arm, Panda 6kw generator with about 1,000 hours, Anderson 52 and 28 self-tailing two-speed winches (two each), mast, boom, etc.
  14. New to sailing

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am brand-new to sailing have taken beginning sailing and bought a old 14 foot sail boat but my question is I need a mast a tiller an a center board what size do I need and where to get these items on the cheap there is no name or numbers on the boat