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  1. Pearson 33 Cabin Lights

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good evening, I have 1986 Pearson 33 and the cabin lights burned out several years ago. It seems I replaced the old bulbs with bulbs that are too high in wattage and the plastic cover that covers the housing that holds the light has melted just enough to the point where it will no longer stay...
  2. 1978 Pearson 26 - Mast Track Latch

    Gear & Maintenance
    Having a hard time finding a locking latch for the mast track on my 1978 Pearson 26. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Wanderer / P35 Centerboard Tang Replacement

    Has anyone had to replace the bronze centerboard tang on a Wanderer or the very similar P35? My Wanderer's wore away and I need to replace. I've found plenty of info on replacing the pennant and pin but nothing on the tang connecting the pennant to the centerboard. I'm hoping to find this part...
  4. Replacing or refurbishing portlights P35

    Has anyone had any experiences replacing or rehabbing the long fixed portlights on a Pearson 35 (mine is a 1979). Mine are leaking at the outer gasket seals and at the window glazing.
  5. Pearson 33-1

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi, I'm new here to SailNet, but have been sailing for over 25 years. I currently own a Tanzer 22, but am looking to move up. I'm quite familiar with Pearsons, as there are a large number at or near our yacht club (26, 26OD, 27, 28-2, 30, 303, 323, 10M, 35, 365). Actually, there are two P-30s...
  6. New (To us) P30 :)

    Hey everyone, Just bought a 1972 P30, Super excited, it's our first boat! The boat is completely taken apart as it has been overhauled for the past few years, and the PO ran out of time/money to put into it. But it's in great nick I know we'll be having a crazy amount of questions for all you...
  7. CS36 vs Morgan 38x vs Pearson 36-2/365 sloop

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Greetings, Here's my first Sailnet post: My wife & I have narrowed down our search to these 3 models. Hopefully there is someone who has had experience with 2 or all 3 of these. Use: Liveaboard - Cruising the US/Canada east coast, & Caribbean. 2 mid-50s adults & 2 dogs. Cons: CS has a shallow...
  8. Albin Vega or Pearson Triton 28?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I want to take a trip in a couple years down the ICW and the Caribbean to Trinidad and Tobago. I will have two sailors accompany me on this journey. I know a lot about the Albin Vega, but have heard many people sing the praises of Pearson Triton 28. I can obtain both for about the same $$ so...
  9. Sam and Linda, NC 1974 Pearson 30

    Introduce Yourself
    :D It's nice to be in the forums... Linda and I inheritted this project from my brother... We grew up in NC and are working diligently to get "Southern Accent" seaworthy and back in the water in the next few weeks (God willing). We just stepped the mast a couple of weeks ago and need to work...
  10. Westerbeke 12B Battery/Starter Wiring Confusion

    Electrical Systems
    Hi Folks, Last fall I purchased a 1991 Pearson 27 and while getting it ready to go in the water this year, I decided to try to understand how the battery system is connected. While going through everything I ran into a bit of an issue that I don't understand and I am hoping someone here could...
  11. Pearson ensign review

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello fellow sailors, I'm looking in to buy a pearson ensign but just wanting to get some thoughts on them, will be sailing on lake ontario on the east end, so if anyone has any thoughts id love to hear ?
  12. 1978 Pearson 30 - broken topping lift

    While sailing yesterday my topping lift broke. It looks like it broke at the top of the mast. I have no documentation in hand regarding how it is attached at the top of the mast. The boom end has a block attached to the topping lift wire. My questions are: 1. Is the topping lift...
  13. Hazy/Streaky Portlights

    Gear & Maintenance
    The portlights on my Pearson 26 are hazy/ have hazy steaks in them. It doesn't appear to be on either exterior surface of the portlights but rather on the inside. I believe they are acrylic but am not sure. What is a good way to clean hazy portlights to make them clear again (or as clear as...
  14. Thoughts on Pearson 37 as first boat...?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi everybody, I am looking at various different options for a liveaboard. Do we have any Pearson 37 owners/Ex-owners active in the forums? This looks like a cracking little boat Does anybody have any experience of this boat as a liveaboard? Also are they well built? I mean they are getting...
  15. Pearson 367 Cutter vs Hunter Cherubini 37 Cutter

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hello all! I work away from home and I am looking for a boat to serve as a "4 nights a week live aboard", but also to cruise on with my wife and two tween children in the Strait of Georgia/Puget Sound/Johnstone Strait area. I have found two boats that seem like likely prospects. Both, I...
  16. Pearson Commander For Dear Ol Dad?

    Introduce Yourself
    Ahoy mates and seafaring peoples. Many years ago a vast gift was bestowed upon me by my father. It was a precious gift, the gift of sailing. At the time I was young and uninterested but as time passed I began to understand the love and regard my father held for sailing and the world's oceans...