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prop shaft

  1. Stuffing Box Problem

    I'm having some trouble with the stuffing box on the prop shaft of my sailboat and I was hoping someone on this forum may be able to shed some light on the problem. It started last fall, so we had the guys at the marina repack the stuffing box over the winter, but that did not fix the problem...
  2. E32 prop shaft sizes-dimentions

    Hi there. Need to change the prop shaft of my 1980 E32. Does anybody knows the sizes-dimentions , of the prop shaft of E32 ??? Im in Panama and there is no boat yard around, dont like the idea of remove the shaft under water... Thats why i need de dimentions. I have been looking for it on...
  3. Prop Not Turning -- C&C 27

    C & C
    The prop on our C&C 27 is not turning. We documented it in a youtube video: (You have to copy and paste the link because I can't post a link because I'm too new here. I promise it's not spam or anything nefarious.) It's a folding prop, as you can vaguely tell...
  4. Folding prop to Attalia

    I've an Attalia (from 1984) with VP2002 (18hp) and a two bladed fixed propeller marked 84K11. I'm thinking about change to a folding propeller, but I don't know which size will be the best one. Have anyone had the same (brand) propeller that I have? If so is, do you know what type of shaft it...
  5. Using GoPro camera to inspect bottom/prop

    Maintenance/How-to Videos
    Here's a video we made with our GoPro camera. We wanted to take a look to see how bad the bottom looked before we cleaned it. What we saw when we popped the SD card into the laptop was a surprise! We just took an old boat hook, by the way, and a little bit of drilling here, a couple of screws...
  6. propshaft thru hull

    Gear & Maintenance
    I have a broken bronze propshaft thru hull on my Soverel 48; I can not locate one online. I beleive I'm just not calling it the right name. It's the bronze piece that bolts to the hull to the rear of the fin keel where the propshaft exits the hull. it holds the cutless bearing, provide...
  7. To remove prop shaft does rudder need to come off?

    To remove prop shaft does rudder need to come off? My shaft is slightly bent. It has been that way for 10 years. Considering replacing the shaft. Thanks in advance. Michael