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  1. Prop Not Turning -- C&C 27

    C & C
    The prop on our C&C 27 is not turning. We documented it in a youtube video: (You have to copy and paste the link because I can't post a link because I'm too new here. I promise it's not spam or anything nefarious.) It's a folding prop, as you can vaguely tell...
  2. prop problems

    I own an Ericson 32 that had a two blade prop and over the winter I changed it for a 3 blade and now I only get max RPM's in Neutral and Reverse. In forward I only get just a little more than idle RPM's any idea what my problem might be? Thanks
  3. Beneteau First 345 prop choice

    Hi All, I am repowering my 345 from its original 3GMD 20 HP to new 3YM30, 29hp. I'd appreciate advice on which prop will suit - I am looking for a fixed 3 blade given that we seem to motor against windy and tide a large proportion of the time. Anybody running a similar configuration ? Thanks...
  4. Using GoPro camera to inspect bottom/prop

    Maintenance/How-to Videos
    Here's a video we made with our GoPro camera. We wanted to take a look to see how bad the bottom looked before we cleaned it. What we saw when we popped the SD card into the laptop was a surprise! We just took an old boat hook, by the way, and a little bit of drilling here, a couple of screws...
  5. GoPro camera saved us from a potentially costly repair

    Gear & Maintenance
    The other day, Chris was messing around with our GoPro camera and in mad-scientist fashion, devised a mount for the camera at the end of an old boat hook pole so he could stick it underwater to see how our bottom looked. What we saw when we popped the card into the laptop and hit play...
  6. Barnacles!

    Gear & Maintenance
    Another newbie question possibly. After a complete tune-up and unfortunately close to two months at the dock with 70+ degree waters, i found we could barely move, presumablt due to barnacle build up on the prop and shaft. I donned a mask and gloves and cleared the prop and some of the shaft...