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  1. Ok to spray paint Kiwi Prop?

    I just had my 2007 Beneteau 323 bottom painted and my Kiwi prop lubricated and painted. I noticed that they spray painted the prop with a non ablative grey paint. I had not had the prop spray painted before. I took the boat out the next day and found that at rpms above 2000, the shaft starts...
  2. Wave powered boat update

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I finished the prototype of my wave propeller. I want to test it in the water, but don't have a boat available. Does anyone want to get involved? I'm in New York Paul
  3. Prop Not Turning -- C&C 27

    C & C
    The prop on our C&C 27 is not turning. We documented it in a youtube video: (You have to copy and paste the link because I can't post a link because I'm too new here. I promise it's not spam or anything nefarious.) It's a folding prop, as you can vaguely tell...
  4. Looking For A Prop

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I'm trying to find a prop for my Pearson 30. They seem to be fairly hard to find used. Can anyone tell me what my options are? Currently I have a folding prop that seems like it takes forever to extend. What is this prop worth? Folding props do seem to bring a premium price new as opposed...
  5. Universal 5411....Hurth Transmission...propeller rotation

    My boat is a 1982 Catalina 27. It has a universal 5411, 11 hp engine. Since I have had the boat I have never been able to reach hull speed under power. I recently pulled the boat out of the water for a bottom job and inspected the propeller. It is stamped with 12LH7, a 12x7 left hand prop...
  6. Potbelly pirate

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello. Since we are new to this site, I thought it would be good to introduce ourselves and let you all know what we are up to. My wife and I are in our early sixties and have been married 24 years. We live in a coastal town in Southern California and love the ocean. We recently purchased a...
  7. Folding prop to Attalia

    I've an Attalia (from 1984) with VP2002 (18hp) and a two bladed fixed propeller marked 84K11. I'm thinking about change to a folding propeller, but I don't know which size will be the best one. Have anyone had the same (brand) propeller that I have? If so is, do you know what type of shaft it...