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  1. Crew, Captains, Help Wanted, Jobs, and Available
    Hi, we're a husband and wife team looking to gain more experience and improve our sailing skills before we acquire our own yacht (we're this close 👉👈). We both love sailing and are ready to go bigger but want more practice. Currently we're in the Portland, OR // Vancouver, WA area and are...
  2. Boat Review Forum
    At the end of the Summer my wife and I will be moving into the Pac NW (Puget Sound area) and we will begin actively looking for our retirement boat. Previously we've owned a Pearson 365 Ketch and an Omega 36 Sloop. Question for the masses: Just how bad are full keel boats at making way under...
  3. Pacific Northwest & Alaska
    I've been dropping in on the composting head discussion from time to time. I've brought it up with the admiral but she wants to see one herself before we plunk down any money or time for the switch. Anyone here in the Puget Sound area have one that they would like to show off?
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi my name is Armando and I'm happy to be part of this very knowledgeable Family.
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    There are a few magic moments in the winter on the water in seattle, last saturday was one of them and i enjoyed a blissful and painted afternoon on puget sound. What a difference with the rum run weather we had the week before. thought some of you might enjoy ;-). Frederick Pardon my...
  6. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hello, I'm Preston. I live in the South Puget Sound area around Olympia. I moved here from Arkansas about 3 years ago to keep my grands while my daughter was deployed. I sold everything and stayed here... I have always wanted to learn to sail but Arkansas isn't really much of a place to learn...
1-6 of 6 Results