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  1. Go see Maiden - the documentary

    When you get the chance, go see Maiden ! It's the story of the 1989 Whitbread Around the World race with the first all women crew. The present day interviews, fabulous on-board, real time footage and the race results combine into a powerful statement of women's sailing abilities.
  2. New free TOD Calculation app for Android

    Hello everyone, I just finished coding an app for Android that easily calculates TOD racing calculations. It features abilities to calculate times for multiple boats, save race results, and compare classes/races. I'd love for you guys to download it, try it out, and give some feedback so that I...
  3. I'M AJ, Shore support, Cook, Rail Meat, Writer

    Introduce Yourself
    After researching the sailing community in the PNW and I learned quickly that sailing is not a hobby; it is a way of life, inhabited by a tight-knit community woven together by lovable, quirky and sometimes edgy characters. It is a unique way of life that not many of us have access to. I found...
  4. new cruising Chute vs used Racing Spin

    Hi all, This is more a discussion without clear answer but still i would like to watch the debate to understand the various view points and parameters... So the question is following. When purchasing my old 28ft boat there was a radial head cruising chute included. This was almost never used it...
  5. Not much happening on this forum

    Lake Erie
    So, uh, new to Lake Erie sailing -- I learned to sail in the Pacific Northwest -- but surely there's more action on Lake Erie than this forum suggests... I live in Akron and I don't have a boat, but I've got the itch again. Moved here two years ago and have some weekly cruising and beer can...
  6. Alan Andrews Design Andrews 26

    Just wondering if anyone has any views on Alan Andrews and his designs. I am currently looking at purchasing an Andrews 26 but haven't found much information out there on the hulls....anyone out there in this wide world have any information or ever sailed/raced one?
  7. Racing a Spirit 23

    North American Yachts
    This year I have really gotten into racing in a friend's Sweden 36. We are in the racing class (usually leading the pack) so I have been surrounded by good sailors and have learned a lot. I am wondering who here has/does race their Spirit 23? (Silverado you mentioned in a post you do. Often...
  8. Bermuda 1-2 race

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am proud to be a Bristol owner today! Dan Stadlander with his 1969 Bristol 39, Mirari, just single handed and took first place in his class 4! Passing 1-ist class, 1-2nd class and 6-3rd class boats! Out of the pack of 27 boats, two turned back, one with battery issues and one with a broken...
  9. Rule 18.3

    Question for you rules people! Port tack boat inside the zone crosses clean in front of a starboard tack boat right on the edge of the zone (possibly outside). She then bears down to the mark passing close-hauled, i.e. comfortably ahead. Because she is slow the starboard tack boat, within the...
  10. Salty california kid needs advice

    Learning to Sail
    I've come to you guys in need of help, I'm from southern California and have been on the water my whole life, be it surfing, diving, or spending weeks on Catalina fishing and hiking and I've spent a lot of time on/around boats as well. I have always had a huge passion for the ocean and sailing...
  11. Starting a Sailing team: Comments, tips, advice, appreciated.

    Hey ya'll! I'm a teenage guy who's possibly starting a small-boat sailing team here in Williamsburg, Virginia, on the James River, due to the fact that there are no small-boat racing teams here in Hampton Roads. I will probably be starting with around 5-6 people, but I expect that the team would...
  12. Good Information

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hey guys how are you? Im trying to build up our agency. Is the first Sailing News Agency of the World. Check it out (commercial link) hope that you like. Your feed back is very important for us. Dont forget to see us every day for the latest news.. Thank you alot
  13. Article: Balt. Sun - Stuart Walker of Annapolis keeps on sailing through life

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Great article ... makes you want to do more. Annapolis man selected for National Sailing Hall of Fame -
  14. Annapolis Newport race

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Amazing stories from a tough race! At 1530 on Tuesday, 11 June, the last boat sailing to Newport in the 34th running of the biennial Annapolis to Newport Race was 39.4NM from the finish doing 5.9kts. The Hunter 340 Brigadoon will surely welcome the sound of the horn as they cross the line...
  15. Chicago to South Manitou Island

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Good morning! I'm a completely inexperienced human being when it comes to sailing - I listen to Edmund Fitzgerald at least once a week, I've been 'tubing' on a lake and I've gone on a Carnival cruise, and that about sums up my seamanship so far ;) That being said, I am writing a short story...
  16. Sailing Competitions

    Hey, I started sailing when I 11 years old. Must most competitive boat I got into was the RS Feva. It is a great youth boat with amazing amount of competition. I managed to work my way up into national class squad and trained all winter. Me and my crew are definitively high wind junkies! Here...
  17. StartLine Racing app for Android

    Apps & Authors
    I hate cross posting so I won't repeat what I posted in the general section. I probably should just have posted here as this is a racing app. I will just explain that this app was developed by racing and I didn't quit until it actually got me to the starting line on time, going fast. As...
  18. StartLine Sailing Racing Android App

    Press Release ----------------------------------- StartLine Sailing Racing Application for Android. Arrive at the Starting Line on time at speed then continue around the race course with the Waypoint display. StartLine by was created out of the desire for a better race start and my...
  19. I want to learn how to sail and then eventually start to race...

    Learning to Sail
    To be perfectly blunt and honest I have absolutely NO sailing experience. I desperately want to learn, but I also want to move on to competition racing. I'm eighteen years old, an upcoming college freshman, and my school does have a sailing club I'm hoping to join come fall. And I know this is...
  20. RS Feva dinghy sailing,Racing at the Worlds

    Racing Videos
    After a week sailing the Feva in very light winds, at the RS feva worlds 2012, this is what we came up with :) Hope you enjoy, and people subscribe to the youtube account to see more videos to come