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  1. Weather
    Hi All I have an S&S34 built 1979 which has a single spreader short rig The boat sufferes with weatherhelm Does any one know the recommended mast rake for this class of boat I read an article which suggested 8” (200mm) Any advise greatly appreciated
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I've looked through my books and searched the forum and Google but can't find the information I'm looking for: How far can one rake a mast without needing to move the chainplates aft? Or would they need to be moved at all given that the mast step remains in the same location relative to...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hello, I have been looking for a thread or other info on rudder rake in boat design but I cannot find much about it. I am curious about the effect of rudder rake and why/how designers scale this variable in the design of the boats. Most rudders are more or less vertical on modern...
1-3 of 3 Results