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  1. Boat Review Forum
    Found one again.... For some reason I am just dead focused on them. The only down side I can find on them is that they don't have standing headroom unless you are only 5' tall. The only other sailboat I have found that I think fits our needs is the Cal 2-27. We will be spending 70% of our...
  2. Boat Review Forum
    I am/was looking at a Ranger 26. This photo is of the the hull/keel section. What causes this and should it be a deal breaker? I am somewhat mechanically inclined and can do basic fiberglass work and general repairs. I just haven't run into anything like this..... Thanks RJ
  3. Boat Review Forum
    Hey ya'll. I'm a first time boat buyer and I'm looking at three different boats: An Ericson 27, Pearson 27, and a Ranger 26. All of them are in similar shape: Pretty good. So I guess my question is if all things are equal whats the theoretical best boat? I'm really going to be using it as a...
1-3 of 3 Results