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  1. Diesel
    Hello everyone. The motor started today, much to my and the rest of those rooting for me at the little neighborhood marina. Then I get the call to shut her off! Shes sprung a heart sank. The water pump was the culpret and water seemed to be spraying 360 deg from behind the pully. My...
  2. Diesel
    Is it important to have the engine cooling water passages filled with antifreeze over the winter? Or is it OK to have the cooling system partially drained? I have a 1981, 13 hp Volvo diesel. It is raw water cooled. I’m concerned that a partially drained system will promote internal...
  3. Diesel
    Okay here is my problem... After cold starting my 2QM15 everything runs fine for five minutes. Then the dreaded temperature alarm sounds and it is time to shut the motor off. I have taken several troubleshooting steps as discussed here on other threads. First I back flushed the intake side of...
1-3 of 3 Results