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  1. Rebuildable Westerbeke W21A for sale $1000

    On a crate and ready to ship. Complete with deluxe control panel, 2.5:1 transmission, and all marinizing components. See my craigslist ad here. Marine Diesel Engine 3 cyl 21hp Westerbeke Removed from our Nordic 34, which we repowered recently. Paul
  2. $1500 Catalina 27

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hey guys, I have come across a '76 Catalina 27 for $1500. I guess the guy bought it as a derelict at a marina auction a year ago or so for a friend. Said friend never decided to buy the boat from him, so he is trying to get rid of is so that he doesnt have to pay slip fees anymore. I'm...
  3. To Rebuild or not to Rebuild that is the question

    Ok, so I was motoring in from Vallejo Yacht Club to Stockton ie SSC...a long ways for anyone who has done this knows. Somewhere along the way ( not exactly sure because I was Drinking Rum to keep from freezing to death) I hit a patch of water Hyacinth! Pretty much all over the Delta the last few...
  4. New to Sailnet

    Introduce Yourself
    Hey, Everybody! For years I've been reading Sailnet forum posts, and now I'm finally getting around to joining! I'm a liveaboard sailor on an Albin Vega, which I completely rebuilt myself. By "completely" I mean I gutted her, painted her, and did pretty much everything possible to bring her...
  5. A4 Overhaul - First Start

    Atomic 4
    Hello, I just completed the assembly of my A4 after an overhaul. I am ready to attempt my first start after the rebuild and wanted to get some tips/pointers from the Sailnet community. One question, I am looking for a manual oil pressure gauge to install for tuning...any suggestions...
  6. Perkins 4.108M DIY Rebuild -- A Narrative

    This Ought to Keep Me Busy... So, glutton for punishment that I am, I've started a winter project: That's our aux -- a reliable Perkins 4.108M that (as you can tell from the staining) has developed a bit of an oil leak problem that is even high by Perkins standards. We also were getting a...
  7. Yanmar 2QM15 Rebuild

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, In early July, I came to my boat after being away for three week and found the engine seized. It was locked up solidly, in that it would not budge even a little bit after soaking the cylinders with Marvel Mystery oil for several days. It turned out to be a blown head gasket which let...
  8. Runaway Yanmar 2qm15 HELP!

    A few month back bringing Kare Knot down the intercoastal a slow oil leak caused my oil level to run low. Since it was coming from the back of the engine I decided to pull the engine and change all the seals and gaskets. I boomed the diesel into my tender and lugged it tom my garage. In the...
  9. Atomic 4 compression

    Atomic 4
    Been having engine trouble and just was "informed" by the marina that I have lost close to half of the compression in all 4 cylinders. They were pretty vague about the possible causes and related repair costs. They did warn about sinking too much $ trying to trouble shoot. Any body have any...