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  1. Adler Barbour evaporator

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi. My Adler-Barbour compressor is toast. Going to replace with like unit. Should I also replace the evaporator? Installed on 1984 O'Day 39 when new.
  2. Cold beer a Must

    Gear & Maintenance
    Considering an icebox conversion for my cal 34. I'm interested in some opinions on brands and power consumption. Thanks Ron
  3. Isotherm frig

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello all, My boat has the smallest Isotherm compressor unit - evaporative plate in icebox. Recently the frig has been working a lot more than normal. Thethermostat is on the warmest temp, the fan next to the compressor works and everything else seems ok. Any clues?
  4. refrigeration

    Electrical Systems
    Anyone have any thoughts on upgrading an OLD Grunert refrigerator? This is so old even ten years ago the people at Grunert knew nothing. Its nothing if not reliable. It is a belt drive Tecumseh compressor drvien by a large frame 1/4 hp Century motor. Survived a sinking, and after being recharged...
  5. Refrigeration Help

    Electrical Systems
    I will be cruising in the Caribbean for the next year or so and am building a new Freezer box for my 34' Seafarer (didnt have one before). I was back and forth between a Frig-o-boat compressor/evaporator system and an Adler Barbour system - both run on 12v DC current. Both systems costs about...
  6. built a new fridge box

    Gear & Maintenance
    While we were sailing in Mexico not running our AC refrigeration because it was such a power hog, I thought it would be a great idea to rip our existing giant fridge box out, rebuild it and install a much more efficient 12V system. I'm still a little angry at all my friends who didn't talk me...
  7. Frigoboat v. Adler Barbour

    Gear & Maintenance
    We are trying to leave shortly for the bahamas, and are replacing our existing system, which was a combo 110 / engine system from 1992. The engine driven system is kaput, and the 110 will work on the inverter, but draws 7 amps 110, which converts to about 110 amps 12v dc. (And I wonder where the...
  8. Help with refrigeration decisions...

    Gear & Maintenance
    This is a blog post I just made, and I would appreciate any help from the Sailnet readers as I ponder the direction I am taking for refrigeration on Windsong: The system that came with the boat is a 1991 model Seafrost system with engine driven and AC/120v compressors. There is a larger...