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  1. Racing
    The World Robotic Sailing Championship was held in Galway, Ireland. These boats that sail regattas autonomously and are pretty impressive machines. Happy to share experience on these.
  2. Racing
    I worked as a volunteer at the Antigua Sailing Week regatta last week and just put together my first (simple) slideshow video of some selected pictures at (You can view it in high-definition instead of the default low-resolution should you wish, the pictures are at 1280x960 resolution) For...
  3. Cruising and Sailing with Children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
    Hi, We are taking our family to the BVI for spring break, our dates are 3/20/2013 thru 3/31/2013. Kids are almost 18, 16 and almost 13. All three are experienced sailors. I am concerned about the BVI Spring Regatta and finding a mooring or slip during that time. Do we need to get to a bay or...
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi all! I've just picked up sailing after joining my school's keel boating club as a helmsman in training. I'm as of now a complete newbie but I hope to race with them someday as an awesome helmsman. However, my greater goal is to acquire the necessary skills needed to sail around the world...
1-4 of 5 Results