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  1. Adding Remote Control to Tohatsu 6hp

    I recently added remote control to tiller handled Tohatsu 6hp Sail Pro (MFS6CSPROUL). Proceed at your own risk, requires skills equal to changing out bicycle cables. Parts: 1 - 3GR838800M SRC PARTS KIT-FS4/5/6C 1 - 3B7Q843601 RC BOX, RC5D (MFS4B~30B), AMB-W/O ELECT START Tools: 1. Print out...
  2. Autopilot Wireless Remote Control

    I've developed a wireless remote control for ST1000 / ST2000 autopilots. The genuine Raymarine remotes are very expensive so I decided to make one myself. Search youtube for ST1000 remote control to see a couple of videos of the prototype I made which had an LCD display for testing purposes...