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  1. How to test a GPS

    My chartplotter (if I may call it that) is a Garmin GPSMAP 162. In case this model is not familiar to you, it is actually a (wait-for-it) 2000 model. Meaning it was sold in the very first year of this millenium. It is black and white, has a tiny screen -- but I installed it many moons ago on a...
  2. DIY Help request.

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am trying to replace the thru transom cockpit drain on my Helms 25 project. I cannot find an exact replacement, I have left this project till last of my bottom repairs. Attached is a picture of what I am replacing, I am using a piece of PVC Temporarily to drain rain water. Can anyone point me...
  3. Gelcoat worn away on hull just above waterline. Emergency?

    Gear & Maintenance
    A few square inches of gelcoat on my boat have worn away just above the waterline where it was rubbing on a float (for months). I had so many things to fix last year that I didn't think to monitor it until today when I saw light coming in the side of the hull there. I know I have to fix it...
  4. Best way to repair holes

    Gear & Maintenance
    My jib sheet fair lead pulled out, and left it's two holes. My wife suggested that we just fill the holes with some kind of epoxy, then re-screw into the holes. But I've also heard about reaming out the holes a bit (as with an allen wrench) and then filling with some kind of epoxy, letting it...
  5. Hatch repair or replace entire unit? Acrylic & hinges

    Gear & Maintenance
    If you take a look at the pictures attached, you should be able to see what I am trying to accomplish. What do you guys think, do I have to replace these or are they reparable? I have seen acrylic replaced but if you look closer the damage I’m working with is a bit more extensive. Nearly all of...
  6. Gel coat crazing repairable or should I prep to paint?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey everyone! I have read through MaineSail's sticky on compounding and polishing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will definitely make use of the knowledge in the future. I've got a 1976 Bristol 27 which has some major gelcoat crazing/alligatoring. As i slowly make my way through the...
  7. Learning How to Repair My Iron Keel

    Gear & Maintenance
    Good afternoon everyone! I am a relatively new boat owner and looking for some help with repairing my keel. I am very open to attempting repairs myself, but just not sure exactly what I need to do. I have a 31 foot Niagara Sailboat which I dearly love. I have had it for 2 years and will...
  8. Overextending boat hook - repair needed

    SailNet Website Technical Support
    The small section of a 3 part boat hook slides right on out. I could take some tape, wrap it around the bottom of that section, and try to force it into the second section. OR I could find someone here who has made the repair successfully dozens of times and knows exactly how to proceed...
  9. Fiberglass Repair on Hull at Rudder Bolts on Prindle 16

    Gear & Maintenance
    Any advice with this fiberglass hull repair would be MUCH appreciated! My Prindle 16 began sinking last time we took her out! One of the hulls was taking on water...very quickly. Fortunately we made it back to shore safely. After this experience, I inspected the boat and found that a repair is...
  10. Invicta Mk II

    Hello, group. I am hoping some one here can help me w a resource for window trim rings for my boat. She is a 1965 Invicta Mk 2, Hull number 105. Of the original windows(4) trim rings, 2 need replaced, one is broken beyond repair. The exterior rings. I've got an idea for installing new...
  11. Fiberglass Bow Tip Repair

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello, Earlier today I made the huge mistake of hitting the pillar of my dock at the marina. Yes, it was an operator error, yes it was very windy, and I take full responsibility over what I did and will definitely take this as a huge lesson learned :(. However, I have a question on how to go...
  12. hatch repair

    Gear & Maintenance
    The companionway hatch cover on my Victoria 18 is cracked and needs repair. I believe the construction of the hatch, like the deck, is balsa-cored fiberglass. I'm looking for advice on material and technique for a strong repair. What weight of glass cloth? Do I replace the core? Etc.
  13. Cal39 Headliner Replacement

    I'm looking for help in replacing the interior headliner & wall covering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, from Nordic Blue
  14. Threadbare Gelcoat

    Gear & Maintenance
    OK, so it looks unlikely that there will be any sailing this weekend. I'm trying not to stress about cosmetic issues, but reading online I hear all these horror stories of compromised gelcoat and water damage. Figured I'd share a couple of pics and get some opinions. Is this anything to worry...
  15. 1973 Tartan rudder

    Hello, I have recently bought a Tartan 30 1973 boat in good shape except for the rudder. The rudder has completely fell off the shaft, and so I intend to have someone build me a new one. However I need the rudder specs to do so. I was wondering if anyone might have the specs on the rudder or...
  16. New project boat

    Gear & Maintenance
    New boat. I just got this boat and, while I have some sailing and fiberglass experience, I don't know where to begin. I believe that she is a classic moth boat. I'm missing the boom and other parts of the sailing rig. She floats but I do like the weave showing through the paint. Any...
  17. Staysail detached from hull-help?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi I am a new member. Our staysail bracket broke. This attaches the staysail to the boat. We have been attempting to remove the plate the bracket was attached to but even after removing most of fiberglass around it we can't get the plate up. Ugh Any ideas on how to reattach staysail to boat...
  18. 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler

    Gear & Maintenance
    Does anyone have any experience/feedback using 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler? It's a vinyl ester compound. I'm interested in using it for minor deck repairs ... some screw/through-bolt holes from removed hardware and and two openings, the largest being about 5" x 3". I want to fill and...
  19. Mexico For Refit?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    My boat was damaged in Hurricane Dolly a few years ago. She needs a new bimini, some fiberglass work, a bottom job, teak work, rewiring of the mast, stancheons, solar panels, wow. I hate to think of it all. she is located in Port Isabel. I am thinking, if I could get her to Mexico, maybe...
  20. Broken rib help for new sailor

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hello and thank you in advance for your help. I think maybe i should do a quick background about me since I'm new here before I get to the heart of the matter. I'm 42 and just started sailing a Catalina 14.2 on our little Idaho mountain lake last summer and had a blast. So, I apologize if my...