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  1. Catalina 27 with snapped kill bolt

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Catalina 27 with snapped keel bolt Looking at a Catalina 27 for sale. Great looking boat. the owner mentioned that when he first got the boat he droped the keel to make sure it was all dry between the led and the fiberglass. Filled it with sikaflex to seal it all and then re apoxeyed the whole...
  2. Bowsprit replacement Downeaster 45

    Gear & Maintenance
    Turns out the rot at the back of the bowsprit is much further along than I had originally anticipated. We were originally thinking of doing an epoxy soak to bring back the structural integrity, but now it looks like the rot is so bad that the cleat (that was poorly installed) was able to be...
  3. Ranger Hairline Cracks

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey there! I have a Ranger 22 (if you didn’t know already from the username). I noticed these hairline/spider cracks at the end of last summer. As I was getting her prepped for this season yesterday I looked closer and noticed they have spread a little bit. The one in the photo is the worst out...
  4. Gelcoat Color for Bavaria

    Gear & Maintenance
    Need to do some minor gelcoat repair. Does anyone know the RAL number for Gelcoat on a late model Bavaria (Vision 46)?? Also, do you know a good source in the US for buying Gelcoat? I have found sources in Germany, but without the RAL number in the US, no luck. Thanks in advance for your...
  5. Neck deep but treading water so far

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I'm Joe. I've been wanting to sail for the last 10 years and finally found myself in a good situation to get started. Naturally, I took some classes, worked as a hand on some other boats, wasted countless hours skulking around the docks pestering the owners for information, right? NOPE...
  6. Need advice please, Mylar sail.

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello, self taught here, have yet to sail aboard a larger vessel, but hope too in the near future, life long dream to sail/live aboard a larger vessel. I would love living on the water, currently living 100 yards from Loramie lake, not an ideal lake for sailing, dinghy sailing is fine, but...
  7. New S2 7.9 owner, offer accepted.

    I have been a Catalina Owner (Capri 14.2, Capri 22, and Capri 25) for now must be 15 years. I've been VERY happy with the quality of those boats, and they've all sailed quite well. Our little lake sail club races every 2 weeks during the summer, and a couple charity races, and our "A" fleet is...
  8. Flying Junior Project

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used FJ with no paperwork on the boat itself unfortunately. The boat is in sound condition with some spider cracks on the finish of the hull and one patchwork job done on one of the gunwales. My problem right now is that there are parts missing for the rigging that...
  9. Bow pulpit & roller furling repair

    Florida - Western
    My 37' Heritage was struck by another vessel while berthed. Bow pulpit was smashed, roller furling damaged, lines torn from upper roller and some fibreglass damage. Does anybody know someone in the St. Petersburg area that can do these repairs?
  10. Schematics for Columbia 1968

    Sailboat Design and Construction
    We're trying to get schematics/pictures for a Columbia 1968 36'....does anyone have resources or files they can share? We're trying to see what/where the factory stays were positioned as well as other elements. Thanks. We've already gone to the site, but not too helpful.
  11. Post Repairing my boat.

    I got a 1992 model Johnson 65. After some problem with my engine I got to replace my boat's cutlass bearing. I have to buy a new one and I am looking to buy online. I found a retailer{}. But I am no sure about the quality of the...
  12. Broken boom bracket - any make a new one?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong thread (this is my first post) I have broken the bracket on our boom which connects to the mast. The mast and boom was made by Kemp Masts (they don't seem to exist now) and is probably 30 years old. The boat is a 26 foot Mirage (again...
  13. Vacuflush toilet repair

    I have used two Vacuflush toilets for 25 years and consider these the best heads available. If there is anyone wanting to discuss these, this is the time. Sailalfin
  14. Seattle: Maintenance Consultants?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi Sailnet Community! Nik and I are happy as clams to be aboard our 1982 Aloha 32. Now that she's officially ours, we're ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work fine tuning some of her maintenance issues. Does anyone have recommendations for a marine maintenance consultant in the...
  15. rebuilding a rudder and boom question

    Gear & Maintenance
    I will need to make a new rudder because the old one got water under the fiberglass and water logged and rotted the wood. The boom for my sailboat is basically a 2X4, 11ft long, too badly weathered and has splits and sharp edges all along the groove that holds the sail - these could cut or tear...
  16. Suggestions for Cleat re-mounting

    Gear & Maintenance
    Looking for some assistance on what it will take to repair the clam cleats on my boat. I'm a relatively new owner of a US Yacht Buccaneer 18 (1982). It is in reasonable shape, but the cleats for the jib sail, located on the center board trunk, are coming loose. Both of them will rise off the...