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  1. To Rebuild or not to Rebuild that is the question

    Ok, so I was motoring in from Vallejo Yacht Club to Stockton ie SSC...a long ways for anyone who has done this knows. Somewhere along the way ( not exactly sure because I was Drinking Rum to keep from freezing to death) I hit a patch of water Hyacinth! Pretty much all over the Delta the last few...
  2. Replacing an Atomic 4 engine with a Diesel in Vancouver

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I have a 35 foot Hughes Sloop currently moored in Vancouver. It has a tired atomic 4 engine that i think now needs to be replaced so I'm looking at repowering the boat. While we're at it I'd like to do some other upgrades such as painting, electrical etc. Of course, I'm not...
  3. Which? Kubota or Yanmar ?

    Need Your Input ! repower, diesel, m5424, Universal, used for sale, S29.2C, new Kubota or Yanmar-need your input on motor selection.. my email - jj_ramage at yahoo dot com. am placing a 3 cylinder at least 20 HP motor. It will be horizontally mounted as low as possible with a CV...
  4. Need Exhust Manifold for Volvo MD6A

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hello; New to Sail Net and never posted before. Hope I do it right. I have a Volvo Penta MD6A and have a crack in the exhaust manifold (they call it an exhaust pipe in the engine manual. Every where I look on line I can't find one. Any thoughts. Also been thinking about repowering (8,000 lbs...
  5. Swap Yanmar for Universal?

    I currently have a non-functioning Yanmar 2QM20 (18hp) in my Endeavour 32, and I'm looking to re-power. The best engine in my vicinity so far is a Universal M30, 24hp. Does anybody know these engines well enough to say whether this would be too big of a pain, or if there are any odd issues such...