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  1. Research project

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Dear all, For a project we have to research sailing and creation of marine data. We came across this forum and we hope we can find some answers in this sailing community regarding lifestyle of sailors and marine research. Answering the questions will take approximately 5 minutes. 1. How does...
  2. Planning our 1 year liveaboard... with lots of questions!

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Hello world! First post. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. My wife and I are tech professionals in SF and beginning to plan a liveaboard year at some point down the road (likely within the next couple of years). We're not in a rush to buy, but we are starting to do our homework. I've...
  3. Cruisers Wanted for Research Project

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    DO YOU LIVE ON YOUR SAILBOAT? HAVE YOU BEEN CRUISING FULL-TIME FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR? DO YOU SPEND TIME IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, OR ARE YOU PLANNING TO IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS? I’m a sailor who lived aboard my 27 Catalina with my partner for one summer, but now we are back on land for school...
  4. Safety & Rescue Thesis

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi there, I am working on a water safety and rescue product design thesis. And as part of my research I was hoping anyone reading this who ventures out into the sea could fill in any of these 4 questions.As much replies as possible is truly helpful. Thanks for your time. 1. Do you use a VHF...
  5. IB Extended essay research

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    hey guys, could you please fill out this tiny questionnaire... i need the info for my 4000 word extended essay and this is my primary research... only a few simple questions... Questionnaire 1. What is your name? (Optional)  ________________________________________________ 2. How often do...