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  1. Boat Review Forum
    Hi there! Anyone has any experience with Kanter Atlantic boats? Yes, I know many are made in steel, but that is something i like. Other than that, what are their sailing performance, are they easy to maneuver etc.
  2. Boat Reviews
    Hi sailors! Does anyone have experience with the Calypso 42? Beautiful boat, but how is the sailing performance? How does it behave in calm/tough sea? Little/strong wind?
  3. Boat Reviews
    Looking for some insights, reviews, thoughts and feelings regarding the 1986 2 masted Hallberg Rassy 42.
  4. Irwin
    Hey gang, I've been having trouble finding threads pertaining to the 35.5 aft cockpit. I am close to closing a deal with one of these beauts, but i would love some more incite. I am having a surveyor look at the boat. some of my concerns: 1) most of the stations are loose... 2) there are...
  5. Boat Review Forum
    Hey guys, I've been looking at a 1983 Tartan 3000 for sale that would be used as a live aboard, coastal cruiser, and a beer night racer. I've determined that everything is in good shape and good working condition aside from some minor cosmetics on the inside. I was wondering if anyone has any...
  6. Boat Reviews
    This may be overstepping, but I'm asking for input/help. I hope someone will feel strongly enough about the merits of the Triton to get tough with me about some facts. I'm writing a novel. The main character is purchasing an East Coast / 1962 Pearson Triton. If you have strong feelings about...
  7. Boat Review Forum
    I'm looking forward to buy a sailing boat, mi frist one, so I'm up to some easy going vessel. I don't have too much options in the country I live, and my budget is around 50k. I'm seeing a Le Guen Hemidy 30 in our local broker, year 1974, aluminun hull. I need some advice about it, first time I...
  8. Boat Reviews
    Further to my earlier post about comparing boats - I'm looking at a couple local C&C 29's. One is a 1983 Mark 2 The other is a 1979 Mark 1 The asking price is significantly lower for the Mk 1. I know much of that can likely be put back to the electronics, sails and general boat condition...
  9. Learning to Sail
    I have sailed small boat for a good part of my life, but just started racing on a Farr 395. That got my blood going to look into bareboat chartering but first I felt that I needed the basics on running and cruising a large (40 foot plus) sailing vessel. Below is a summary of my experiences...
1-9 of 9 Results