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  1. still active

    Introduce Yourself
    Ahoy! I'm new to Sailnet. Am looking for rigging info on a Catalina 38. It's currently set up for cruising with the halyards on the mast. I'd like to change the rigging to go aft--and have no idea of the complexity for cost. Any advice? Does anyone know if is still active...
  2. Hello from Ohio!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi. I'm returning to sailing after many years. My Dad and I had a homemade boat when I was about 10 years old. He taught me the basics on Hoover Reservoir near Westerville. My wife and I bought a Seaward Fox (17 ft) fractional sloop this past summer. The previous owner said it came with a jib...
  3. Is hull deflection a major problem?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi - this is my first post! We're looking at a very pretty Tartan 34c from the early 1970's. The moment I stepped onto the boat I fell in love and decided she was the one for me. Then we started looking around in earnest: She has been beautifully restored and shines like a new penny. It's...
  4. Vang setting as a function of sailing point

    Learning to Sail
    Dear all, I have been receiving contradicting advices on the correct settings of the vang as a function of the point of sailing, and I would like to ask your opinion about this. Also, please excuse my poor English, I have not much experience in English sailing terms. Multiple, experienced...
  5. Strange sounds from the boat

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi guys i'm a new member from Denmark (english is my second language obviously) I bought the boat a some months back, and have been out sailing a couple of times, but now i got a pretty serious issue (i think, i'm afraid to go sailing again before I how serious it is). During af sailing trip...
  6. Roller Furling Bearing Replacement - Necessary to take down entire furling system!?

    Gear & Maintenance
    After several hours of research I finally learned I have a Stearns Twinstay One #8 roller furling system. The bottom bearings need replacing. Rig-rite has the parts available. Oddly though, they are insisting I buy the full top & bottom bearing replacement kit. Which I'm fine with just to have...
  7. Mast Rake

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, I've looked through my books and searched the forum and Google but can't find the information I'm looking for: How far can one rake a mast without needing to move the chainplates aft? Or would they need to be moved at all given that the mast step remains in the same location relative to...
  8. Standing Rigging Replacement Question

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have a 15' boat (Pirate), and I discovered the wire of one of my stay's had frayed. I've never replaced a stay before, and the basics of ordering seem fairly straightforward - except for the top terminal. All the terminals I've seen are "swageless", which appears to mean that it's held in...
  9. Recalcitrant bolts at my stem piece

    Gear & Maintenance
    One of my winter projects is to fix a problem at my stem piece (where the forestay attaches). I noticed in the fall that one of the 4 bolts at the bow has a rusty head. The other three heads are very shiny but when I looked from inside, there seems to be also some rusting going on some of the...
  10. What the heck are these?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I have been trying to figure out what these deck fixtures are. See photos. They have substantial backing plates so I assumed they'd be load bearing in some way. Boat is a 1966 Pearson Commander. Any input is appreciated. If you can identify them please give info on how I'd use them.
  11. Seeking Owners of Vessels Equipped with Colligo Marine Titanium Bracket Sets

    Gear & Maintenance
    Our 1966 Morgan 34 suffered a dismasting off the coast of South Carolina in July 2013. We are seeking to gather data from other vessels equipped with Colligo Marine Titanium Bracket Sets. We would like to know: date of installation # days underway NM traveled # of days under sail NM traveled...
  12. Carabiners as jib hanks? (and other uses)

    Gear & Maintenance
    New boat owner here (1969 Ericson 23). I'm going through all the goodies left on the boat from the previous owner, and among them I find four(!) headsails. All are hank-on type, and my headstay is non-furling. All the sails have Swedish snaps. Unfortunately, all of the snaps also came with a...
  13. NY/CT/LIS Boatyard & Marina help?

    US Northeast
    tl;dr I need advice on reasonable boat work nearish to NYC and a 2015 season marina up to 2 hours by train from NYC. Hi all! My husband and I are bringing our '74 Islander 37 from Ventura, CA to the East Coast because we recently had to move because of work. We are fairly new to sailing and...
  14. Setting up a spinnaker

    Learning to Sail
    My Alberg 35 came with a spinnaker but no lines for it or indication of how to set it up. There is a spinnaker pole mounted on the mast. It hooks to two rings on a track. There is a spinnaker halyard. There is a pad eye ring in the middle of the foredeck. I just want to make sure I understand...
  15. New halyards for an S2 7.9 what to get

    Gear & Maintenance
    I'm not a nationals level competitor, but I want to buy "decent" equipment for my boat. The boat has what appears to be 10+ yo halyards (and they are green from growth, as well as chafing really bad) they are obviously in dire need of replacement. Anyway, I don't have tons of $$ to spend. I...
  16. Cal 22 backstay

    i just purchased a Cal 22, and in the process of rigging. I believe I'm missing a piece for the backstay (likely a triangular piece connecting top portion of backstay to two lower split backstays - backstay y junction). Could anyone let me know if there is one piece like that? Bonus points for...
  17. Flying Junior Project

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used FJ with no paperwork on the boat itself unfortunately. The boat is in sound condition with some spider cracks on the finish of the hull and one patchwork job done on one of the gunwales. My problem right now is that there are parts missing for the rigging that...
  18. Flying Junior Project

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi all, I recently purchased a used FJ with no paperwork on the boat itself unfortunately. The boat is in sound condition with some spider cracks on the finish of the hull and one patchwork job done on one of the gunwales. My problem right now is that there are parts missing for the rigging...
  19. A Conversation with Mark Lucas the Rigger

    Cruising Videos
    A Conversation with Mark Lucas the Rigger - MENU
  20. A little rigging advice please

    Gear & Maintenance
    A little confused about something, maybe you can help me? I have a '74 Ranger R29. Next month I will be having my mast stepped off to do some work. My standing rigging (that I assume are the same specs that the boat originally came with) is 1/4" wire. One of the other sailboat owners at my...