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rotted core

  1. Git-Rot or cut the glass?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey guys! So here's the thing, i purchased a Helms 25 last august and am in the process of pulling the deck hardware and rebedding all of it properly (butyl tape is awesome). The front railing however was sealed with what looks like aquarium grade silicone that did not stand the test of time AT...
  2. Rotted Core: Is it safe?

    Gear & Maintenance
    My question is: What are the dangers of a rotted core? I have a 34' Tiffany Jayne made by C&B Marine in CA in 1983 which only made 6 of these. It's been a fresh water boat it's whole life on Texas lakes but was used for racing and never really maintained very well. Records show it sank in a...