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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi, My rudder post leaks water between the hull and bottom of stuffing box because it is not attached to the hull at all. I have never worked on a rudder but I am assuming this is bad. I am assuming the box is supposed to be fastened to the hull and the rudder shaft is supposed to rotate inside...
  2. Gear & Maintenance
    Hi all, I have been reading these forums for a while, this is my first post. I have been sailing/racing for 15+ years, and have completed 3 sailboat projects ranging from repainting a Laser to Rebuilding a Catalina 22. I like to rescue cool boats. I am looking into a ’77 Ranger 28 on a...
  3. Quickstep
    I own a Quickstep 24 and I love having her in our family. She give all of us the best moments of summer and she kept us safe and happy everywhere we went. Recently we're sailing back home at low tide and unfortunately we hit a rock with the bottom of the boat. We rolled for few seconds then...
1-3 of 3 Results