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  1. Racing
    Question for you rules people! Port tack boat inside the zone crosses clean in front of a starboard tack boat right on the edge of the zone (possibly outside). She then bears down to the mark passing close-hauled, i.e. comfortably ahead. Because she is slow the starboard tack boat, within the...
  2. Learning to Sail
    What is the reason behind the rule :Port tack gives way to starboard tack
  3. Racing
    Hi folks! today we just finished a 20 Nm long distance race in our club in Progreso Mexico. "maravilloso" our boat has the smallest number of phrf in our float. The race was a 4h 15 m. long, but in the middle of the race, about 1 hour all the boats were lack of wind. for this, our competidor...
  4. General Discussion (sailing related)
    Hi I'm new to the north shore of Long Island. (Suffolk County). Waterfront. Though I have two harbors nearby (Port Jeff and Mt. Sinai) what's the rules about having a mooring in the Sound off my property? It would be a lot more convenient and cheaper, right?
  5. Learning to Sail
    Lifetime small boat sailor. Purchasing Bristol 30 for island hopping. Anyone care to help me avoid a few gaffs? From reading hear (pun intended), I know quite is golden. Any social customs I might not be aware of? All opinions/input welcome. What are your pet peeves? Doc Semi-retired