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safety at sea

  1. Car Radar Detector

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I was just wondering if a car radar detector would alert you to a ship near by that had his radar turned on. I have used one for years while driving and they seem to work great. The best use I have had is while driving in Nebraska, completely flat land with every little town having a radar gun...
  2. You All Be Safe Out There!

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Last night went to the skipper’s meeting for the Double Handed Farallone Race which was a pretty sobering experience. Stan Honey talked at length about safety and innovations in communications equipment. The Coast Guard talked about the LSC tragedy as well as their rescue capabilities and...
  3. Safety Tips for Boating With Kids

    Cruising and Sailing with Children
    Good article on what to keep in mind when boating with the kiddos:
  4. deck-saloon yachts safe in storm?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    The weight of a large wave crashing down on deck is worrisome. My old-salt friends prefer boats with small portholes due to their greater strength. I would love a deck saloon yacht for its extra room and bright interior but am worried that a wave could rip off the deck saloon or smash through...
  5. Man Overboard App makes practice fun!

    Gear & Maintenance
    I just tripped over a great little app called Man Over-board in the App Store under Navigation which I downloaded to my iPhone. I used it on San Francisco bay over the weekend. Whilst it is clearly intended for use when someone goes overboard for real, I used it for practicing MOB technique with...
  6. Are davits a safety issue for coastal cruising?

    Seamanship & Navigation
    I sail a Pearson 365 ketch on the San Francisco Bay and along the California coast. We have davits for hanging a light, roll-up inflatable dinghy. I've had some sailors say to me that davits are a safety issue when offshore. I'm guessing the danger comes from the potential load from a flooded...
  7. John Rousmaniere Reports on Safety At Sea at Pelagic Sailing Club Meeting Nov 17th!

    Announcements and Suggestions Box
    Dean of Sailing Authors, John Rousmaniere, Reports on Safety at Sea at the Pelagic Sailing Club Meeting, Thursday, Nov 17th! The author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, Fastnet, Force 10, and many other well-known books, John Rousmaniere will give a presentation on basic sailing safety. He...