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  1. Arrival in Indonesia - Learning By Doing Ep 78

    Cruising Videos After a 7 day passage solo I was excited to arrive in the bustling port city of Sorong, Indonesia. It had been months since I'd had access to fast internet, supermarkets and restaurants. I met a local called John who helped me out with all the check-in authorities...
  2. Babes on Board #2, Learning By Doing, EP39

    Cruising Videos Week two with Ylva and Tina aboard. The weather sort of cooperates so after enjoying the worlds whitest beach for a few hours we sail out to the Barrier Reef for a few days. It a pretty rough trip but calm when we arrive.
  3. BabesOnBoard#1_LearningByDoing_EP38

    Cruising Videos I get some nice company in the form of Ylva and Tina. We have a week of mixed weather but make the most of it each day. With company on board I'm able to spend a bit more time creating nicer video shots and we have a change of style with some added narration. Let us...
  4. adventure partner

    Crew Wanted/Available
    i want to buy a sail boat in flordia im from chicago nothing special 30ft or so iv been looking. any way i want to spend the winter in the Caribbean and then come back to the great lakes i boats have only ever sailed small (sunfish, hobie cat) and am looking for some one with a bit of...
  5. Almost around the world

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Write a book, your philosophies or poems. Produce a video or a picture collection. Be a painter, look at moons and stars in the night, sunrise and sunsets, dive, fish, visit many harbors and cities or be creative as you like - at the same time as we sail from Europe, Split westwards over the...
  6. Journey on a Sailboat

    Cruising Videos
  7. Boating lady says hello out there!

    Introduce Yourself
    Reading the various posts feels like getting to know old friends, I'm glad to get more involved (now that I have a steady internet connection!) It's really great how much I learn just by going through people's posts and asking questions. When not working, I sail a Bayfield29, cruising area...