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  1. Racing
    Hi! We are a group of sailors looking to take someone on the adventure of a lifetime through the inside passage on the Race to Alaska! We are a group of experienced sailors who are looking for an opportunity to prove our worth in the ultimate no rules show down of the R2AK. If you know anyone...
  2. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hi everyone, I am working on formulating a hand cream for sailors. Myself and friends have experienced extremely dry, calloused and cracked hands when sailing and haven't found much relief from what's out there (chemically, ineffective, expensive etc.). I think the exposure to the elements...
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    We had a fantastic couple of weeks sailing in Greece last summer. Amazing little harbours to visit, great food, perfect weather... Hoping to go again this year. Here are some of the highlights. Do you recognise any of the places? Pete
  4. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi Everybody!, Been here a little while now (lurking) taking it all in and amazed at the extensive level of knowledge I've found thus far. There are some great contributors here and some suggestions to others that I have been fortunate to make use of. I've got a few miles "under the boom" on...
  5. Please Introduce Yourself
    Hi guys i an new in this forum. I like sailing and join this forum to started conversation with you. :cut_out_animated_em
  6. Cruising Videos
    Dukono Volcano Part 2 After a very short night we got ready to climb to the Volcano crater in part 2 of the Dukono adventure. As our clothes had not had time to dry out and the climate on the mountain being very different than on the coast we spent a very cold few hours in the tent trying to...
  7. Apps & Authors
    For the iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. The Original ShipsBells app has been upgraded to run on the latest iOS. Show your love of the sea and keep track of time with the sound of the ShipsBells. Less than $1.00 US Available on Apple's App Store
  8. Cruising Videos
    End 2018 I visited this new island, I will visit it again. It is a few hours from our harbour. Enjoy! It is on youtube see the first comment.
  9. Cruising Videos
    Sailing the beautiful Solomon Islands has been a dream of mine so it was very nice to get out of dusty noisy Honiara and get somewhere "real". I really had the feeling that I was about to embark on a grand adventure but I was trying not to get my hopes up. Turns out I had nothing too worry...
  10. Boat Review Forum
    I am plaining to buy a Turkish Gulet. Any one can help me if it is a good boat for SAILING in the Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Italy) with friends and family?? Thanks
  11. Apps & Authors
    I know that pulling sheets and boat maintenance is hard work and will keep you in shape. But much of the time we are in a port (as now, waiting for hurricane season to pass) so what do I do for exercise? I do AERIAL SILK! Check it what I do to stay in shape (at 56) and come watch me fly...
  12. Please Introduce Yourself
    We are The Crabby Captain and The Sunny Sailor #thecrabbycaptainandthesunnysailor We are Cara and Eddie
  13. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    As the weather warms up, sailing season on the York River has resumed. We turn now to why people sail in the first place, including the romance of sailing. Pick up any boating magazine and look at the full-page ads. They often depict a fast motorboat, with an attractive woman in a bikini. Now...
1-14 of 134 Results