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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    As title says I'm seriously considering a 32' C&C 1984 that is missing all sails. I can get the boat for a good price but I'm a little confused on how I can go about finding the correct size used sails. I found new sails on several sites but it's like $3k +. when I say I can get a good deal...
  2. Boat Equipment - For Sale and Wanted
    A set of sails for a Bluenose
  3. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Hi, sailing community! I'm developing the project that aims to upcycle used sails in local communities and international. I would be really grateful if you could help me figure out some questions! how often do you change your sail and throw/recycle/sell the previous one? is it hard to get rid...
  4. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I am a high school student in the Houston, Texas area and am looking for old or unusable sails. I plan on making the sails into shirt pockets for an online business. Any sails should work. Thank You
  5. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    A laminate sail that I had cleaned by a commercial sail cleaner just shredded. My sailmaker said that it had been compromised by the process used by the commercial sail cleaner. A number of name sailmakers have since told me the same thing. "Don't allow the commercial sail cleaners to touch...
  6. Gear & Maintenance
    I recently purchased a colossal project of a boat from an insurance auction. Needless to say a lot of the things you hope to find in any used boat purchase aren't there. Of particular concern were the sails. Luckily I tracked down the previous owner who still has the sails and said he's willing...
  7. Westerly
    I need Sail measurements for a Westerly 33 ketch. Im not going to get a chance to make the measurements myself and have not been able to find an owners manual online. Anyone have this information?
  8. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Precision 300 Series Designer Dacron Sail Price: $925.06 Description: Best for keeled boats looking for a quality designed sail but on a budget. 1. Challenge Sail Cloth High Modulus Dacron 2. Bainbridge International Ocean Series Dacron Precision 400 Series Advanced Dacron Sail Price...
  9. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Where can i find a used headsail for my grampian 30? the measurements are: I-37'/J-10.9'/P-31'/E-12' something in good condition on the cheap
  10. Gear & Maintenance
    Greetings all! I am considering purchasing a Morgan 30/2, whose sails are in tawdry shape. However, I am able to get some very lightly used sails from an old Allied Chance 30/30 at very reasonable prices. The Morgan becomes less good of a deal if I immediately have to buy new sails. So my...
  11. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I have just seen a post on Facebook featuring a solar powered tent. Orange unveils solar concept tent at Glastonbury | Green Tech - CNET News I wondered how far away we are from seeing solar panel sails! I did a quick search and though the fabric is seemingly still at the R&D stage we may...
  12. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    Does anyone have experience with a sailmaker called Ace Sails in Lyme, CT. Email address is [email protected] Thanks.
  13. Please Introduce Yourself
    I'm planning on getting new sails for my 1972 Venture 21, and amongst the many things to consider are jib size. Mauri for example offers jibs in 100%, 135% and 155%. I'm leaning toward 155%, to maximizesail area, but would appreciate any insights anyone may have on that.
  14. Please Introduce Yourself
    I bought my first real sailboat last August - a ver clean and well-maintained 1972 Venture 21. I want to buy new sails for it by springtime, but I'm unsure what's best, and would appreciate any advice I can get. We'll be sailing it in Barnagat Bay on the central New Jersey coast, and probably...
  15. General Discussion - Sailing Related
    I have a 1979-vintage Pearson 26. One of the previous owners fitted a Harken roller-furling rig to the headsail, which works pretty much OK. It's getting to be time to replace the sails. A quick Web search shows that there are several places that make replacement sails for this boat. I'd be...
  16. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello Everyone, So i recently picked up a Hobie Holder 14 but the sails that were sold with the boat are incorrect. The jib is a roller furler with a luff wire that i can use as my forestay so that is not the issue. The issue is with the main. The sail looks brand new, but it is probably...
1-16 of 17 Results