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  1. Damaged Tanzer 16

    Hi all - A storm here in Boston broke both mooring lines on my Tanzer 16 and the result is the busted hull you see in the image. Note the shroud attachment bent in the same area. Inherited this great boat from my father, but unsure if a repair is viable. Welcoming any input on feasibility of...
  2. For Sale: 1965, Columbia 22'

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi friends! I am long time lurker on these boards and I am hoping I have posted this in the appropriate place. We are offering a wonderful Columbia 22' sailboat in sound condition. Unfortunately due to moving away, moving on, grad school, successful business ventures... we are unable to...
  3. Guidance with Laser2 Purchase -Please help!-

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi guys, This summer, I decided to take a sailing class and now I'm pretty much hooked and am looking for a boat for myself. My neighbor has had this laser2 in his driveway for as long as I can remember and I asked if he was trying to sell it recently. I am really interested in the boat, but I...
  4. Which? Kubota or Yanmar ?

    Need Your Input ! repower, diesel, m5424, Universal, used for sale, S29.2C, new Kubota or Yanmar-need your input on motor selection.. my email - jj_ramage at yahoo dot com. am placing a 3 cylinder at least 20 HP motor. It will be horizontally mounted as low as possible with a CV...
  5. Offshore Life Raft for Sail?

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I'm looking for a used 4 person life raft for a journey between canada and new zealand next month. I am in Canada and if raft needs to be tested/certified before used, I can not buy from outside canada. If already certified and ready for use, purchase from the u.s. may be possible. Anything...
  6. Selling Charter Boat; which broker to use?

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    I am an owner selling a 40 Ft Catamaran that is currently in the Moorings fleet. I'm not sure if I should list it with TUI Marine or another broker. Obviously whoever I ask says to list it with them. Does anyone who is not a broker have experience they can share with me to help me make this...
  7. Islander 30' Mark II - For Sale

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    This boat is currently in La Paz, Baja California South. It's a well equipped vessel with Furuno radar, Garmin chartplotter, Raymarine wind/depth/knots/autopilot, Aries wind vane, Volvo inboard diesel, self-tailing winches, Maxwell electric windlass, and more! I'm asking $16245 (down from...