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  1. Hello I'm new here

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    Hello cruisers. I have been sailing on & off for about 2 years straight, & am currently living in Woodside CA. I am looking for rental (liveaboard) options in the San Francisco Area. Does anyone have any ideas or insight on the best places to find a berth rental? I have had some extensive...
  2. Victory 21 Restoration

    Introduce Yourself
    I am new to the sailnet forum, But I have been sailing for quite some time. Lately I have been sailing in SF Bay, primary in support of Access/Hansa Dinghy's. I have recently refitted and restored a Rhodes 19, now in service on the Sparks Marina, where our club has a racing pair of Rhodes 19's...
  3. Created a sailnet forum goup for San Franciso Bay Area sailing

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Apparently has the ablility to create groups, a feature that appears to not get much use, but I have created the group San Francisco Bay Sailing anyway. It can be a useful thing to be able to connect with members who are actually local to you, both from a communication of local...
  4. San Francisco Bay & Delta cruise

    San Fran Bay
    Hi all, Our last cruising was in the San Francisco Bay and Delta area. During the trip, I recorded a lot of video. I recently put some of the highlights of the trip into a short YouTube video. I thought I would post a note here with a link to it in case any one might be interested in taking a...