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  1. Best place in California to sail and live on your boat?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    If you wanted to live on your boat in California and do weekend sailing while working full time, where do you think would be the best place to do it? I was just in Dana Point, CA a few days ago. 4th of July. Watched the fireworks show. Checked out the large harbor and marinas. They're pretty...
  2. Boat Shipping Recommendation? Seattle to SF.

    Pacific Northwest & Alaska
    Hey All! We're planning to ship our 32' Aloha from Seattle to San Francisco this summer. Do you have a recommendation on a good shipper? ...or suggestions as to whom we should avoid? We thought about sailing her down with a hired captain, but decided against it due to time constraints, the...
  3. Ahoy from S/V Guenevere

    Introduce Yourself
    Ahoy from S/V Guenevere We are Jill and Greg. We have both been sailing (or into sailing) most of our lives. We bought Guenevere, our Nor'Sea 27 in 1993 in the Seattle area. We moved her to Lake Lanier Ga. and sailed her there until 1996, when we moved her to the San Francisco Bay area. We...
  4. Still Looking: SF bay south toward Panama

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hey Forum! I'm still looking for a boat heading south from San Francisco (or eureka or coo's bay or SoCal) towards panama and on to the Gulfo de Mexico this November or December. I can forward you my resume. I don't know if I am experienced enough to get paid yet but I can sure as hell be an...
  5. Help overnighting in the San Francisco Bay?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Random rookie question here... So, any time I have previously sailed the SF Bay, it's been on a boat with a definite home wet slip. Next week I have the opportunity of taking out a friend's San Juan 23 for a few days, but he keeps it on the hard (mast up), and I don't have a truck to put it in...
  6. 3 Marines seeking passage to South America

    Crew Wanted/Available
    Hi there, we're located in Lake Tahoe, California, close to San Francisco and looking to work our way down South. Preferably as far as Peru, but we're open to going anywhere really. Hard working, motivated, clean and in early 20's. We are all single and very appreciative of whoever hires us...
  7. Passage Planning: San Francisco to San Diego

    Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Greetings! I am planning a passage from SF Bay down to Catalina and probably on to San Diego. Not long ago I made the passage from Seattle to San Francisco but this will be my first run down the southern part of California. I was hoping to ask some questions, get some tips and maybe create...