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  1. Becky Linhart Introduces Pelagic to Sisters Under Sail

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    Becky Linhart Introduces Pelagic to Sisters Under Sail - Sept 27, 2012 Becky Linhart Introduces Pelagic to Sisters Under Sail on Thursday, Sept 27, 2012. Becky Linhart enjoyed her experience so much in the Sisters Under Sail women’s program that she joined their board. Now she’ll be coming to...
  2. Doug Sabbag Guest Speaker at Pelagic Sailing Club May 24th!

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    On May 24th, Doug Sabbag will talk about what happened in the Summer of 2011 that left Doug and his wife a little more shaken up than planned. The plan was to leave Boston aboard their 50ft ketch (Triumph) and head for Europe. Unfortunately, just southeast of Nova Scotia, Doug and his wife had...
  3. Christopher Klein Speaks to Pelagic Sailing Club April 26th on Boston Harbor Islands

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    April 26, 2012, Christopher Klein, author and freelance writer specializing in history, travel, and sports will bring his book "Discovering the Boston Harbor Islands: A Guide to the City’s Hidden Shores" to life. Klein's book covers the rich history, recreational offerings, and heritage of each...
  4. Nat and Betsy Warren-White opens Pelagic Sailing Club's Speaking Series March 22nd

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    On March 22, 2012, Nat and Betsy Warren-White will share lots of stories and photographs of their adventure "Sailing in Slocum’s Wake: Round the World in Five Years”. Their voyage started on October 21, 2006, when Nat and Betsy Warren-White boarded their 43ft Cutter "Bahati" in South Freeport...
  5. John Rousmaniere Reports on Safety At Sea at Pelagic Sailing Club Meeting Nov 17th!

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    Dean of Sailing Authors, John Rousmaniere, Reports on Safety at Sea at the Pelagic Sailing Club Meeting, Thursday, Nov 17th! The author of The Annapolis Book of Seamanship, Fastnet, Force 10, and many other well-known books, John Rousmaniere will give a presentation on basic sailing safety. He...
  6. Kevin Farrar Guest Speaker at Pelagic Sailing Club - September 22nd!

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    Kevin Farrar of Farrar Sails, discusses with Pelagic Sailing Club Members and Guests the "Technology of How Sails Are Made Today" From an apprentice sailmaker working at Van Zandt Sails making top one-design sails for competitive classes including 505's, 470's, 420's, interclub Dinghy's...