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  1. Cruising Videos
    Hi There!! We are kicking off our new adventure with a Channel of our own. We leave next week for a three year Circumnavigation to do Freediving Spearfishing Scuba and Kitesurfing around the world. We plan to document every anchorage and destination with an eye towards these activities. Here...
  2. Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    I'd like to buy a sailboat that I can tow with my Suburban 2500 and launch from the trailer in Ft. Lauderdale and sail to the Bahamas safely. I'd be going SCUBA diving so easy access to the water would be ideal. Any suggestions?
  3. Crew, Captains, Help Wanted, Jobs, and Available
    We, 2 male in our 40ties, are writing a book about conservation projects in the Coral Triangle and seeking opportunity to sail and dive PNG and/or Solomon Islands in Jan-Feb 2014 to gather stories and images. We are experienced boat crew, dive and underwater photography instructors and marine...
  4. Gear & Maintenance
    I finally learned to scuba dive a little while back while on my first boat and in the BVI and have yearned for a dive compressor aboard in order to be free of the shackles of dive operators since then. Well, on the new Zanshin I finally opted to get a Bauer Junior II dive compressor and got it...
1-4 of 7 Results