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  1. How much is dedicated yacht support worth?

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Dear All, As a current leisure sailor who enjoys using my yacht to explore and travel from place to place every summer I've been asked by a good friend of mine to help gather some feedback on a business he's developing specifically to support yacht owners/captains/sailors with a similar...
  2. Raymarine Service

    I'm wondering what other people's experiences of Raymarine service has been from the Nashua service centre. Does anyone know any ways of getting around or through the electronic wall Raymarine seem to have built for themselves so that it's impossible to reach a live human only endless...
  3. tiller pilots: simrad or raymarine????

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    Been researching simrad tp20 or 32 and Raymarine st2000+ after many hours Im still quite unsure which is most likely to perform well let alone at all. If You Have used a tiller pilot please share your experience.. As background my 25' boat displaces 6000lbs with basic gear and water. It has a...
  4. Volvo Engine Repair Facilities

    Boat Buyers & Sellers Forum
    We're looking at buying a 2008 Cat with twin 30hp Volvos. An acquaintance told us to stick with Yanmar. He said Volvo parts availability is terrible, and slow. Don't really know if he has had more than one bad experience. Anyone with experience with the Volvo network in the US, Caribbean and...
  5. Brand new is out!

    New is out! New design, 12k+ POI, new adventures, fully social. Join the community and invite your friends!