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  1. Gear & Maintenance
    Hello all - We have a Columbia Challenger, built in 1964, hull #248 that we acquired last year and we are finding lots of small projects. The current project: We had some difficulty with the halyards when we first got her, and first I tried a new main halyard. That worked well, but there...
  2. Cal
    I have a 1984 CAL 35 MKII that still has the wire to rope halyards for main and jib. I'd love to replace them with all rope. I'm wondering if anyone here has done this and could offer insight. I've yet to get up there and look at the condition of the sheaves and pins. I'm trying to devise the...
  3. Gear & Maintenance
    I need to replace the 4 aluminum mast sheaves on my Dufour 31. They're so worn I'm surprised they even spin. Each measures 55mm x 15mm x 13mm as best as I can measure. Can't find anything close to that or even a single source with a good selection to choose from via Google. Mauri Pro Sailing...
1-3 of 3 Results