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  1. Is hull deflection a major problem?

    Boat Review and Purchase Forum
    Hi - this is my first post! We're looking at a very pretty Tartan 34c from the early 1970's. The moment I stepped onto the boat I fell in love and decided she was the one for me. Then we started looking around in earnest: She has been beautifully restored and shines like a new penny. It's...
  2. Shroud Quick Connector Suggestions?

    Gear & Maintenance
    Hey, I just bought a new sailboat and the shroud connectors are all really bent or missing so I need some new ones. I came across Tylaskas Quickstay system and it looks pretty nifty: Tylaska Quickstay - Quick Connect Shroud Terminals I really dislike dealing with clevis pins when trying to put...
  3. Catalina 22 shrouds.

    General Discussion (sailing related)
    I am new to the forum, and have recently bought a Catalina 22. stepping up from a Hobie 14. I have noticed two things that bother me. the shrouds loosen themselves over a weeks time, and today when I walked out of the house I had a broken shroud. Is it normal for the shrouds to loosen up...