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  1. Electronics
    Hi everyone, I have a GPS antenna TOPGNSS like the one that is in this link (24.3US $ 10% OFF|TOPGNSS RS232 GPS marine GPS receiver antenna module NMEA 0183 baud rate 4800 voltage 12V cable is 5 meters.|GPS Receiver & Antenna| - AliExpress) and I'm trying to use the antenna for my Simrad...
  2. Electronics
    I've now had 4 tiller pilots across 3 boats, and thought I had a pretty good idea what makes them tick. I was worried with THIS boat that the location of my speakers (marine, supposedly magnetically shielded) less than 3 feet from my tiller pilot were going to interfere with the TP. NOPE...
  3. Electronics
    I'm replacing several broken instruments mounted on my Catalina 22 and needed some help on how to make it look nice. How do I make it go from? To this (without sinking the boat, collecting the insurance, and buying a new yacht with everything pre-installed). I'm going to use Simrad...
1-3 of 3 Results