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  1. Cruising & Liveaboard Forum
    Folks, I am considering a cruise from the mouth of the Delaware Bay to Block Island this summer--covid permitting. I am contemplating several options: 1. I would always prefer a crew for this 2-day overnight sail direct to Block Island, but that may not materialize 2. I could single hand my way...
  2. Sailing Videos 🎥📹
    Chack out my latest video as I head offshore for a singlehanded 2500NM run in an Albin Vega 27'! :Luxury:
  3. Learning to Sail
    Hi after taking BK I and II, my options to proceed seem pretty limited. My sailing school recommended that I go to their races to get practice. What I would prefer though, is to just buy my own boat (something like a Catalina 22 or similar) and learn to sail single handed. I would of course...
  4. Electronics ⚡
    My boat, a '69 Columbia 28, is right on the cusp of displacement rating (6600lbs and I am at 6500lbs) between the Raymarine ST1000 and ST2000 tiller pilots. My question is, if I am going offshore and will be doing a fair amount of single-handed sailing would it be worth it to spend the extra $...
  5. Boat Review Forum
    I take care of several properties and families on a Lake in North Idaho. I have a client that is older and wants to continue to sail. He is an experianced sailer but his mobility is not good. I am looking for suggestions for a boat for him. He wants pedestal steering so he can stand, roller...
1-5 of 5 Results